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    In 2017 Dhanurmasam starts on 16th December and ends 13th January. During this period, The Sun transits the Dhanur Rasi and enters the Makara Rasi at the end of this period. This month is the most auspicious month the Devotees, who Vaishnava tradition of people celebrate month with worshipping Lord Vishnu. Worshipping the Lord Vishnu during the early morning hours, around two hours before the sunrise in Dhanurmasam considering highly auspicious. It is the Brahma muhurtam for gods and so it is recommended that we perform our players and worshipped. In temples all over India there is a special pre-dawn worship. Sukhala Paksha Ekkadasi associated with Dhanurmasam is honoured as Vaikunta Ekkadasi or Mukkoti Ekkadasi is most favourable day to worship Lord Maha Vishnu. The day after Ekkadasi observed as Mukkotti Dwadashi in many Vishnu Temples across the India.

    Dhanurmasam is considered as the advanced purity and high spirituality month connected to simplest giving extra consciousness and attention within the Divine worship rather than regular cash orientated activities that is the cause why, different auspicious functions like Marriage, Gruha Pravesam and so forth. aren’t usually done during this month.

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